Adaptable 12vDC/220vAC Pure Sinewave Inverter

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8 Responses to Adaptable 12vDC/220vAC Pure Sinewave Inverter

  1. Josivan says:

    Hello Nick,
    May you send me de original code of the pure sine inverter? (not the .hex but the C code), if you can. I’ve assembled the circuit, but it doesn’t worked, I wanna try to check the code cause my programmer is different of yours and the program used to save it too.


  2. Nelson Chimwala says:

    Hi Nick I’m in Africa but where I am I cannot comment on instructables I was wondering is it possible for u to help me get a programmer from that side

    • Hi Nelson,
      How do you want me to help ? what can I do ?

      • Nelson Chimwala says:

        If it is possible I can send u some money then u can buy it for me that side but I don’t know how it will get here or how long it will take

      • Nelson Chimwala says:

        I am a very big fan of your I’m trying to start to start a small business of solar system installation and I hope I will get much help from you if u can also help me with a UV lamp I will be very great full

  3. Nelson Chimwala says:

    Hi Nick its nelson again I have a question. Let’s say we use your pure sine wave code then we add that other project of yours (transforming a 300w sine wave into 5000w) what do u think would happen then. I haven’t tried it I just thought I should hear from you first

  4. Danladi Abasiryu Birdling says:

    Good work Nick.

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