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  1. Phil Wilcock says:

    Nice PWM. I just scored an old 5kVA UPS. Some comic took the control board out and no-one knows where it is. Your circuit has motivated me to repair the old thing. The centre-tapped transformer is still OK. For it to be a switching power supply is not THAT important at this stage. That can come later if I get further motivation. The DC side is 96V and it has taps for 220V (South African official voltage), and 250V(my voltage. I got the utility, ESKOM, to tap me up a bit….everything works a bit better).
    I like your website btw. The Medieval characters make it very attractive. I work at a Medieval theme restaurant near Jo’burg (www.greensleeves.co.za). Funnily enough, the owner’s wife is Lebanese (born Haddad). Her mother was a Yasbek before getting married.
    If there are any tricks over and above the explanations you give in going to 96V, please let me know.
    Greetings from sunny South Africa.

    • Yes Haddad is a famous Lebanese family.
      The inverter is posted on instructables.com, there are hundreds of useful questions answered by me there, I suggest you make a visit.
      Thank you for passing by and the nice comment on the website 🙂

  2. Emil says:

    Hi Nick !
    I saw your DC/AC inverter on instructables and i was wondering if you could be so kind and help me out in my DC / DC inverter design. It’s 72V in and 450V out and the transformer is already made for it. The power of this inverter should be in 5 – 8kw range. If you could please find some time i can explain you why i want to use/redesign your schematics and why i need your help.

    Best regards !

  3. Emil says:

    This dc/dc converter should be connected to one 10kw 3phase motor controller.
    This controller can accept 450 – 520VCD or 3phase input. I was planning to use this to power 3phase devices.
    I know how to convert this into dc/dc but i will have some problems with my transformer and the design. Can i send you email ?

  4. Emil says:

    🙂 i know it is not. My plan is to convert it to dc/dc.
    I have send you email.
    Regards !

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