DIY Pre 2002 E46 (BMW 325i) Aux Input

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14 Responses to DIY Pre 2002 E46 (BMW 325i) Aux Input

  1. Brandon Lauritzen says:

    Hi. I found your DIY for the e46 aux input mod, and this is exactly what I wanted to do with mine. Do you happen to know if 474j capacitors will work in lieu of the 474k caps you used? Are the capacitors required for it to work properly? I’ve seen other posts for doing this mod without capacitors, but no good pictures like you posted. Any input would be helpful. Thanks!

  2. Brandon Lauritzen says:

    Thanks so much for posting this!!! I took a slightly more extreme approach and found a spot in the faceplate assembly where I could mount a 3.5mm jack without hitting circuitry or operational parts. With a roto-zip, some tricky routing and 5 hours of my day, I ended up with a fully functional auxiliary jack right in the faceplate next to the volume knob. Now I can upgrade my speakers and have some decent music for a change. Thanks again for providing the key technical information I needed to make this work! (I took step-by-step pictures if you’re interested.)

  3. Nicolas mada says:

    Hi Nick! i’m Nicolas SJ (mada). now I create 2 power inverter using your shematical diagramm with SG3524! if it’s will OK, I’ll send you their photos if necessary, tyhanks.

  4. David says:

    Un grand Merci!
    Cela fonctionne nickel (^_^)

  5. agnius says:

    Thank you very much for this, saved me a bunch of money mate. But when i turn on sound i still hear fm, or cd, what to do to silence that ?

  6. Reda Lamine says:

    Hi Mr. Nick I hope you’re doing fine. I wanted to ask about that 5 watt amplifier on instructables please does it amplify the wattage of the phone line ?

    • Hi Reda,
      I’m not sure I understand your question. This is a 1 chip general purpose amplifier. If you want to use it to hook it as a bug and monitor a landline I can tell you how.

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