8 = 6+2

8 = 6+2
Most people cannot distinguish between: 6+2 = 8 or 8 = 6+2. The difference can be rather important. The addition of 6 and 2 cannot produce any answer other than 8. But 8 can be made up of combinations other than 6 and 2 (5+3, 4+4, 7+1). Why is this important? Because people start to believe that if you have a ‘right’ answer there is no need to think further because you can never be more than right. Having the right answer means you do not have to listen to other answers because they can never be ‘more than right’. The result is a severe limitation on thinking.

Always listen to what the others have to say because they might be right too !

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3 Responses to 8 = 6+2

  1. Phil Wilcock says:

    Whilst you listen, you’re taking in information. Whilst you’re talking, you’re giving out information.
    As stated, others might have something useful to impart. If you can’t shut up and listen, you’ll never know what it was.

  2. Kermit says:

    How much time did it acquire u to publish “8 = 6+2 | Nick Zouein”?
    It provides an awful lot of superior information.
    With thanks ,Alycia

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