Merlin Grid EA

Merlin Grid Expert Advisor is a fully automated EA that uses a clever combination of grid, price action, fast scalping, smart filtering and artificial intellect (artilect) to determine profitable entry and exit points into the FX market.

Buy Merlin Grid Expert Advisor in the store selling algo trading systems

Free demo, please test it out and comment.

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Flexible EA

Flexible EA is one of my creations, a very flexible expert advisor for the Forex markets.

Free demo available for testing, try it out.

Buy Flexible EA Expert Advisor in the store selling algo trading systems

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Flashing a DreamBox DM800HDse

Install “Mozilla firebird” version 3.x.x
Install driver “CP210x_VCP_Win_XP_S2K3_Vista_7.exe” .
Connect DM box to a pc with a “USB to mini-usb” cable.
Connect DM box to your dhcp lan with a lan cable (same network as your pc).
Run “SUNRAY-FlashUP v1.3.3.7.exe” (Check use network, and click on Connect).
Turn on dreambox, it will go into flashing mode and will show ip on front panel.
Run Firefox V3 and put dm’s ip in address bar.
Go down to version update and select the image file (mine is: “Cnigma2-dm800se-sim201-20121221.nfi”) from your computer and upload, it will take 2-3 min to upload.
Click on reboot, if nothing happens manually switch Off the box, unplug the mini-usb cable and turn on the box.
Smile !

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DIY Pre 2002 E46 (BMW 325i) Aux Input

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Two types of people in this world…’Doers’ and ‘Watchers’

“There are two kinds of people in this World…people who ‘do’ and people who watch other people do!”

What kind are you? Read below and vote.

Examples of Doers and watchers:


  • Train or workout no matter what. Even when they feel sick or tired. Doer’s find a way to get the job done
  • Make work or training a part of their life and not something they do when they only have time. They make time. Training and working out is scheduled and that schedule is kept!
  • Their fitness goals are just as important as paying the bills. These people wouldn’t skip a car payment and they wouldn’t skip a workout session.


  • Find ways to always get out of work or training. They are too busy, too tired, or don’t feel good.
  • Usually are jealous of ‘doers’ and will always find a way to put them down. They will call the doer’s all kinds of names and make all kinds of statements… “How come you eat so healthy? You have to enjoy life…pass the cheese fries!” “Why cant you come out with us tonight, what do you have to workout again?”
  • Think they are doers, but don’t have the time right now to ‘do’, they will get to it later. These people will read this and think they are the doers, but haven’t “done” anything in weeks because of numerous excuses.
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Breaking the spirit of the elephant

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The world

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