DIY Pre 2002 E46 (BMW 325i) Aux Input

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Two types of people in this world…’Doers’ and ‘Watchers’

“There are two kinds of people in this World…people who ‘do’ and people who watch other people do!”

What kind are you? Read below and vote.

Examples of Doers and watchers:


  • Train or workout no matter what. Even when they feel sick or tired. Doer’s find a way to get the job done
  • Make work or training a part of their life and not something they do when they only have time. They make time. Training and working out is scheduled and that schedule is kept!
  • Their fitness goals are just as important as paying the bills. These people wouldn’t skip a car payment and they wouldn’t skip a workout session.


  • Find ways to always get out of work or training. They are too busy, too tired, or don’t feel good.
  • Usually are jealous of ‘doers’ and will always find a way to put them down. They will call the doer’s all kinds of names and make all kinds of statements… “How come you eat so healthy? You have to enjoy life…pass the cheese fries!” “Why cant you come out with us tonight, what do you have to workout again?”
  • Think they are doers, but don’t have the time right now to ‘do’, they will get to it later. These people will read this and think they are the doers, but haven’t “done” anything in weeks because of numerous excuses.
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Breaking the spirit of the elephant

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The world

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Guy touches breasts of 1,000 different girls on the streets of Moscow

Cool guy, Click here

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Future limitless digital memory

Imagine having an iPod capable of holding thousands of years of high definition video. A DNA computer would make such a device very possible. DNA is the substance that living organisms use to store genetic information. What makes DNA special is that it is extremely efficient when it comes to storing information in a limited space. Just one milligram of DNA is capable of holding all the printed material in the world. DNA computing is currently in its infancy, with prototypes such as MAYA-II only capable of showing the concept. If DNA computing is perfected, computers will become capable of holding amounts of information that are hard to imagine by today’s standard.

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8 = 6+2

8 = 6+2
Most people cannot distinguish between: 6+2 = 8 or 8 = 6+2. The difference can be rather important. The addition of 6 and 2 cannot produce any answer other than 8. But 8 can be made up of combinations other than 6 and 2 (5+3, 4+4, 7+1). Why is this important? Because people start to believe that if you have a ‘right’ answer there is no need to think further because you can never be more than right. Having the right answer means you do not have to listen to other answers because they can never be ‘more than right’. The result is a severe limitation on thinking.

Always listen to what the others have to say because they might be right too !

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